The Company holds the international quality assurance standard ISO 9001
and is CE accredited under the medical devices directive 93/42/EEC

Stoddard Manufacturing Ltd

The company is a privately owned British company specialising in the manufacture of precision equipment for dental surgery and dental laboratories.  The company is literally at the ‘cutting edge’ of technology specialising in precision attachments to drills and other rotary equipment used by dentists and dental hygienists in preventative dentistry.

Quality, Safety and the Environment

At Stoddard Manufacturing Ltd our goal is to manufacture products that make a positive impact on our consumers and help to provide good Oral Health for everyone. We ensure our products, packaging and operations are safe for our employees and consumers and we constantly consider the environment. We currently use plastic in some of our products as it is still the safest and most hygienic material for many healthcare products and we encourage our distributors and consumers to dispose of our products responsibly. We are constantly striving to improve the environmental quality of our products, packaging and operations. We ensure every employee understands and is responsible for incorporating environmental quality considerations in their daily business activities. We have a respect for our external environment and are constantly striving to devise and implement solutions that work for both Stoddard Manufacturing Ltd and to protect the world around us. We hold regular meetings with our staff to review operations, generate green ideas and encourage energy saving. In our efforts to prevent pollution and preserve natural resources, we continue to work towards a reduction in waste generation and the recycling or reuse of waste we cannot eliminate.


M A D E  I N  B R I T A I N

Company History

Stoddard Manufacturing Ltd was founded in 1934 in Fitzroy Square, London as Kingswood Manufacturing Company. Kingswood established itself as the leading manufacturer of dental rotary lathe brushes made by a revolutionary patented process.  Over the past 80 years the company has continued to develop a unique range of innovative medical devices.  These British designed and manufactured products and exported to over 100 countries.


Your smile will love you for it

BDIA Member, FDA Approved


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